African History Teaser

Africa is the land of “blacks” thats a well known fact since colonialism.Its the continent that has a unique shape and continent with many languages from Kiswahili,Taita,French,somali,The San ,Arabic and lots of otjer languages not mentioned all of which have a history which runs back to decades ago before ,during and after colonialism.From the Eastern Africa,Northern Africa,Southern Africa and not forgetting the Western Africa.The Culture of then and now has changed a great but still keeps the African touch continuous .Example the feeding culture its changed from communal to basically individually or just skeptical and also African traditional meals are disappering the yams ,sweetpotatoes ,the healthy vegetables ised then eg.kenyan-mrenda,pumkin leaves and more to mention.Most agree that food was epic and healthy ……

  • Lets catch up more on my next blog all comments critics accepted too ….
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